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The play/demo folder contains files that demonstrate how to use the Play library.


The first step is to run the setup file to create a database, tables, and a user. After setup, you'll copy the connection information array (as provided in the setup result) into the demo.php file.

  1. Install a DBMS
    Install a DBMS covered by a component class defined in the play/component/ds folder.
    Obviously, you can skip this step if you already have such a DBMS running.
    Currently only the MySQL DBMS is available, so it will have to be MySQL for now.
  2. Create a Database User
    Create a user account with permission to create tables and to insert, delete, update, and select records.
    Again, you can skip this step if you've already created such a user.
  3. Run setup.php
    Open the setup.php file in your web browser. This needs to be successfully run one time in order to create the database and tables used by Play plugins. Run setup.php after completing the above steps.
    The setup file will ask for DBMS connection info, and for the user name and password for the first user (which will be marked as an administrator).
  4. Edit demo.php
    Open the demo.php file in a text editor and set the values for the $gDBParamArray array as specified in the results you get after successfully posting the form in setup.php.

That's it! You're done. Congratulations.

Now open demo.php in your web browser.