Play 0.009

I've reverted to version 0.009 because I'm not able to devote as much attention as before to this project and 0.009's a usable version. Later versions are still available for download on the project downloads page, but I won't be able to work on them for quite a while, if ever.

Version 0.009 is in use on several websites I run and is a pretty nice deal, and even sports a Hungarian translation (thanks Amy :)

Here's what you'd see if you download version 0.009 and open the demo...


The PHP part doesn't work on this site becasue I didn't set up a database here. It should work for you, though, if you download it and follow all those instructions.

The New (but abandoned) Version

Here's what the new play stuff was going to look like. It's not as advanced for web development, but it's pretty nifty and I do hope to un-abandon it someday.

New Play (Abandoned for now.)